Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Reading Challenge Reviews

This is it, your central hub for accessing the sites of the many participants in the 2007 Once Upon a Time Challenge and the place to come and easily link to the many book reviews that will be generated by this challenge. Simply add your information to the box below in a similar manner to the examples of ones already added and hit 'enter'. Please make sure the URL that you paste is the one leading directly to the post about the book review, not the one taking you to your main site. This way people don't have to navigate and can go straight to your review. And please don't hesitate to post your link if someone else has already reviewed the book. That is part of the fun of reading reviews, to see what each individual thought about a particular book. So whether praising or scathing, do those reviews! And don't feel obligated to leave a comment in the comments section as the box indicates you need to. I want this to be easy, not burdensome.

I don't intend to post other items on this blog, so stay tuned to Stainless Steel Droppings for other challenge related news.

Hit 'refresh' to add new link if you're doing multiple ones at one time. I've already done a few examples. Ignore the 'cc' one, that was a test that I cannot get rid of.